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TikTok China Helping To Maintain CCP Midterms Election Integrity

Yesterday it was revealed that Joe Biden partnered with communist China and their TikTok app to maintain election integrity. Pino Joe and China are two words that don't compute in my humble personal opinion. TechCrunch recently reported that TikTok's internal web browser that's used to open links could be running a keylogger sending anything that's typed on this browser to its owner, Communist China. Apps frequently incorporate a version of a mobile web browser to handle link opening. This saves the app user from opening links in the device's default web browser. (Safari on Apple devices. And Chrome on Android devices.) It's that internal browser on the TikTok app that's security is being questioned.

With the Midterms coming up on November 8th I find this combination ripe for election fraud!

tiktok election integrity

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