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Mother Of 10yo Raped Child Pregnant By Daughters Rapist Gerson Fuentes

Telemundo reporter María Vargas Pión on Friday confirmed the man who raped a 10-year child in Ohio is indeed in a relationship with the victim’s mother who is also pregnant by Gerson Fuentes. A horrendous story just got more awful. As I suspected, the victim’s mother is in a domestic relationship with the confessed rapist, there are two other children in the household and another on the way. The child herself identified the rapist to law enforcement a week after the abortion and two weeks after the rape was reported to authorities. The question is, why did the child remain in the household a full two weeks after the rape was reported? 

Gerson Fuentes child rapist impregnates mother Democrats and Joe Biden are trying to distance themselves from the ugly truth. The truth is the 10-year-old's mother was sharing her daughter with Gerson Fuentes. Story credits Gateway Pundit and News Busters.

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