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Evidence Now Proves Hunter Biden Is Working Directly With China

What are the chances of America being attacked by China after our strategic petroleum reserves are empty? Now we know why America last Joe Biden sent over 5 Million Barrels of crude oil to China which was supposed to be released to lower U.S. high fuel costs. Our emergency petroleum reserves are for our military and government usage should the U.S.A. be attacked by a foreign power!

hunter biden working directly with communist china

The American public deserves the truth because it is putting at risk our national security, because we have a compromised president who has lied repeatedly to the American public, saying that he never talked to Hunter about his overseas business transactions.

Now we actually have voicemails from off of these computers. And, of course, the concern about all of this, in terms of our Department of Justice, is that, to the extent that they might indict Hunter, I’m afraid they will enter a plea agreement. And part of that plea agreement might be to seal the records, so the American public never knows the truth. That would be a travesty of justice, Johnson said.

 Sen. Ron Johnson now warns that Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell” has evidence that shows he works directly for Communist China. I think the American people deserve the truth on this because Joe Biden is certainly compromised. I heard your last segment there talking about Joe Biden’s soft-on-China policies. There’s probably a reason why Joe Biden canceled the China Initiative, which was within the Department of Justice a program to investigate Chinese theft of our intellectual property in our university systems, Sen. Johnson said in an interview with Sunday Morning Futures. Why in the world would he cancel that? Is it because he knows that China knows all the transactions and exactly what Hunter Biden was involved in?

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