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Minnesota In The Hood: Toddler Punches and Cusses At Cops

A child hits and swears at a cop in a lifestyle-revealing video from the St. Paul Minnesota slums. Shocking video footage has emerged of a young toddler in his underwear repeatedly hitting a Minnesota cop who was there to arrest a murder suspect calling the officer a “bitch” and telling his colleague to “shut the fuck up!”

toddler curses out police in Minnesota

The clip released by Alpha News was filmed last week in St. Paul, a city that saw widespread rioting after the nearby police murder of George Floyd and manslaughter of motorist Daunte Wright. Shut up, bitch!” screamed the young child, who appeared to be only a few years old and wearing just underwear while standing in the street, with an even younger child in a diaper just behind him. He then strode up and hit one of them, repeating, “Shut up, bitch!”

Shut the fuck up!” the kid then screams at the other officer, who was wearing a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) vest, telling him his work boots are “those ugly-ass church shoes.”

Do you wonder why children are killed by police? It’s because you raise them to be rude, disrespectful police haters. I never spoke to anyone like this. I knew what the consequences would’ve been. A mouthful of soap & a sore behind!

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