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Donald Trump Great President But Lousy People Skills

Donald Trump in my personal opinion is a great president - but Donald has lousy people skills. At his Alaska Save America rally, he proudly said Elon Musk was a BS artist (along that line.) Donald picked the fight with Jeff Bezos early in his presidency saying Bezos was putting the malls out of business. Yeah well, I haven't been in a mall for probably three decades. Why waste the gas driving to a mall when practically anything we want or need is available online and shipped to our doorsteps. Malls are old-school shopping methods!

trump calls Elon Musk a bs artist at Alaska Save America Rally

As I see it, Elon Musk stepped up and offered to buy Twitter to stop all the leftwing hatred and lies that were being told by Jack's alleged spam-bots. Mr. Musk also offered publicly to reactivate Donald Trump's Twitter account. Donald responded that he would never return to Twitter and bragged about using his Truth Social Media website. In my opinion that was not a well-thought-out statement. Why would Donald want to limit his words of wisdom to Truth Social? That website our fearless leader is so proud of has its problems as documented, here and, here.

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